The Red Flags of a Disreputable Commercial Roofing Contractor

We probably hear news and read articles about roofing companies that brought disasters to home and business owners. We heard roofing contractors that ask for down payments and will not finish the project. And this is one of the challenges we will face once we decide to repair or replace our roofs.  

We cannot deny that once we have the best roofing contractor, we will not have problems before, during, and after the project. We will not have hard times in choosing the roofing materials for our property. Thus, we will not have headaches in monitoring and supervising the people while the project is ongoing. Because when we have a reputable contractor, we do not need to provide too much attention t their work performance. 

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At this time, let us tackle the red flags of a disreputable contractor. By knowing these things, you will have assurance that the contractor you are about to hire is the best one!  


If the roofing contractor cannot provide portfolios and references, then you should not be with them. The portfolios and references will serve as pieces of evidence on their previous works. By having the portfolio, you can see and determine their old and latest projects. The references will also tell you about their experiences in the hands of the hands of the contractor. Always choose a contractor that can provide you with portfolios and reputable references. 


If the commercial roofing contractor you are about to hire has no license and insurance, you should not hire them. We are fully aware of how dangerous the roofs are. We cannot predict when and how accidents and injuries occur. We should ensure that the people within our property are insured. Aside from that, the license will help us determine if the roofers joined training and skill development programs. 


A roofing contractor that does not have excellent communication skills is considered a red flag. Aside from that, they should hear our suggestions and opinions since we are the owner. If you encounter this type of contractor, do not give them time. Surely, you will have headaches and stress during and after the project. 


A contractor who wants to have immediate cash is another red flag. Avoid contractors that demand down payments. Aside from that, ask about their performance from their previous clients first before hiring them. In that way, you will determine if they have additional expenses that are not agreed upon between the two parties.