1.What type of agencies can refer clients to the Dublin Furniture Banc?

Any agency or organization, secular, faith based, that serves needy individuals or families can participate and refer clients to the Furniture Banc.

2.How does an agency become involved?

Agencies or organizations that want to be able to refer clients to the Furniture  Banc must fill out an application. Agencies may request an application by calling
(614) 333-6207. There is no fee to the agency to sign up.

3.What is a participating agency's responsibility?

The participating agencies are responsible for determining the needs of the clients with whom they are working. Through their normal process of helping their clients, through interviews, or home visits, agencies assess the needs of their clients for furniture and refer them to the Furniture Banc.  Agency case workers are also responsible for accompanying their clients when they come to select furniture.

4.Who is eligible for furniture?

Needy individuals or families that are in the process of rebuilding their lives and who have no furniture can be referred to the Furniture Banc. Clients can only receive furniture once in a lifetime.

5.Can an agency tell a client to call the Banc directly?

No. The participating agency employee that is working with the client must call to set up an appointment to select furniture after the referral and come to the appointment with the client.

6.My client is not able to keep their appointment to select furniture. What happens?

The client must notify the referring agency they are working with and the Furniture Banc 24 hours in advance of their appointment. Agencies not calling or emailing us  24 hours in advance will be required to pay a $15.00 cancellation fee, agencies will not be allowed to schedule any appointments for clients unless this fee is paid. Clients are allowed one additional opportunity to select furniture. The referring agency employee is responsible for rescheduling the appointment.

7.If the Furniture Banc does not have everything the client needs, can they come back?

We can never guarantee we will have every item needed in stock. Since we depend on donations, we may be low or out of a particular type of furniture at any given time. Due to the high volume of referrals and uncertainty about donations, we cannot allow clients to keep coming back to fill their needs. We will do everything possible to fulfill the needs of clients or offer substitute items when necessary and available.

8.What if there is nothing in the banc that is suitable, can people come back at another time?

No, the Furniture Banc depends on donations and can never guarantee we will have exactly what a person wants. Our selection is normally wide enough to satisfy most needs.

9.My client wants to take the items home themselves. What do they need to know?

Clients must be prepared at the time of their appointment to have a suitable vehicle available and have someone with them to help load the items in the vehicle. They must take all items in one trip. The Furniture Banc cannot be responsible for loading items or storing them.

10.My client needs to have the items delivered. How does the delivery service work?

We offer curbside delivery or inside delivery (first floor only). Delivery is scheduled with the client after they have selected their furniture. We do not offer same day delivery.

11.My agency pays the fees for clients. How does that work?

The Furniture Banc will bill agencies at the end of each month. If your agency requires a Purchase Order number, that number should be included with the information faxed to us regarding the client's needs.

12.My agency pays fees for some clients, but not for all of them. What do I need to do?

For clients that your agency is picking up the fee, you should write that on the form you email to us. If your agency is also picking up a delivery fee for a client, that information should be written on the form.

13.My agency does not pay fees for clients. What should I tell them?

The client need to bring the administrative fee ($60) and, if applicable, the delivery fee ($50 or $75 curbside only) with them at the time of the appointment. The Furniture Banc accepts only cash or a money order for the administrative fee and delivery fee.