Meijer Community Rewards

The Meijer Community Rewards program was developed to meet Meijer guest's growing desire to support K-12 schools and churches in ways that won't stretch their budget...or their time. Now, every time you shop at Meijer, you can earn rewards for Dublin Furniture Banc. Through the use of the new Meijer Guest Card, which you scan at the register, these contributtions cost you nothing, and the more you shop, the more you earn!

  • Apply for a free Meijer Guest Card at your convenience.
  • You never have to pre-purchase gift certificates, worry about losing them or forgetting them. Your Meijer     
          Guest Card is easily carried on your key ring or in your wallet.
  • Pay for you purchases by cash or a by using a debit card
  • You receive credit for almost all Meijer purchases - groceries, toys, home fashions, jewelry, over 150,000 products!
  • More program details & FAQs available on-line anytime at
  • Keytag provides free lost key retrieval service if turned in at any Meijer Store.
Earning Potential
Guest earnings will be rewarded according to the following tiered percentage rates, starting with a $100/month minimum purchase level.
Monthly Purchase Earning 
$800 plus4%

Earnings Example

  • Robin's family spends $100 weekly at Meijer.
  • This puts them in the $400/month tier level of 2.5%, earning $10 per month in reward earnings.
  • Their $10/month x 12 months/year - $120/yearly reward earnings.
  • Their designated organization, Dublin Furniture Banc, gets 100% of Robin's donation along with many other families with the same earnings.
  • Dublin Furniture Banc, with 150 families participating x $120 annual earnings, receives $18,000 for the year.

Earn With Your Meijer Credit Card
How the Program Works
  • Complete the application by applying online at Dublin Furniture Banc's ID is 766047.
  • Earn more rewards by encouraging your family and friends to join the program. If requested, their earnings can be rewarded to Dublin Furniture Banc,using the Family & Friends linking feature.
  •  Meijer will mail your card directly to you within 2-3 weeks. You can begin earning rewards after you receive   your card.
  •  Shop at Meijer, scan your card, and earn rewards for qualified purchases.
  •  Dublin Furniture Banc receives a check every month

* Excludes gas station and c-stop, lottery, postage, insurer paid prescriptions, layaway, sales tax, carwash, and online purchases. Earnings are computed after discounts, credits and any additional savings are deducted and gift cards, gift certificates and return cards are redeemed. Some in-store businesses (shoe repair, salon, third party ticket sales, etc.) may not participate. Please reference terms & conditions.
You can also earn rewards with your Meijer Credit Card! Just call us at 1-800-962-7011 to start earning rewards with your credit card today.